JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A space that once held one car is now the cutest park in Jacksonville.

The Parklet outside of The Brick Coffee House seats six people comfortably at neon orange tables shaded by a large umbrella. It’s the perfect spot to drink coffee, read a book, do homework, peruse Facebook or watch the traffic zoom by pensively.

It’s only the size of one parking spot, but it’s got a lot of potential — you can even park your bike there.

The Urban Land Institute of North Florida received a grant to build this park in late 2015, which it then matched with its own money. Sponsors worked with Downtown Vision, the official sponsor of this parklet, to help create this wee park.

Jake Gordon, CEO of Downtown Vision said he wants to see other small businesses sponsor parklets. Gordon thinks this is just the first of many to appear in the River City.

Gordon said that Downtown Vision spends a lot of time planning so having this parklet build is a relief. “It’s really great to have something actually built.”

This is the first parklet to kick off the Downtown Jax Parklet Program. Soon a manual will be available on at DowntownJacksonville.org  that businesses can fill out in order to have their own parklet.

“Across the country, parklets have proven to be a cost-effective method for improving a downtown’s environment, said Jacksonville City Council member Greg Anderson. “The Downtown Jacksonville Public Parklet Program supports the CRA Plans and Business Investment Development (BID) Strategy by assisting in the creation and promotion of healthy living downtown set forth through our DIA.”

“It has that city feel, a lot of big cities have parklets and it’s really cool to be in a city that actually has a parklet now.” said Hana Ashchi as she sat at one of the tables with a coworker at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Visit Downtown’s cutest park and see for yourself!

By:  Destiny Johnson