We offer unparalleled access to top government decision-makers. The abundance and strength of these relationships make our team uniquely able to reach key public officials—both elected and appointed—wherever you need them. Our lobbyists are selected from the top ranks of government because they have excelled in that professional arena. They bring with them relationships cultivated over years of public service. As part of our team, they grow and strengthen these relationships within government. As a result, we are connectors. Our team can open doors to ensure your message is heard by the right people.

laserSouthern Strategy Group is unique among professional advocacy firms. Unlike a law firm with a subordinate lobbying component, Southern Strategy Group dedicates its entire focus to doing one thing exceedingly well: lobbying. The firm is not diverted by the distractions of a law practice.  Unlike lobbying firms built around a single dominant lobbyist, the power of Southern Strategy Group is the depth of experience and skill found in each member of its large lobbying team. The biographies of Southern Strategy Group’s team read like a Who’s Who from state government.

The greatest validation of the merits of this unique approach is the size of Southern Strategy Group’s client base. Southern Strategy Group’s clients can expect and will receive a high level of individualized attention and rapid responses to every inquiry or emerging issue. This is the quality of service you should expect from your lobbyists, and it is the level of service Southern Strategy Group will deliver.

Southern Strategy Group is the largest and (according to press accounts) “the most powerful lobbying firm.” But, power can be fleeting, and the real distinction between Southern Strategy Group and other firms is that it constantly innovates to remain relevant to a rapidly unfolding future. Southern Strategy Group was the first lobbying firm to build a team of lobbyists drawn primarily from the top ranks of government, first to build a statewide network of offices, first to build a national lobbying network, and the first to embrace the brave new world of social media and the influence it can have on elected officials.

Southern Strategy Group was established in 1999 in Tallahassee and was built on the simple but powerful concept that clients could be best served by hiring the most accomplished professionals from government and politics, arming them with advocacy skills, and deploying them as a highly motivated and coordinated team.

wedo-21st-reversedEvery day, we tap our vast network of political contacts to gather valuable and useful information about important developments in the public policy realm. We continuously enhance existing relationships and build new ones with the ever-changing body of important state leaders and workers who create and implement public policy. Our size and experience–and the fact that we are a team–achieve results for our clients. Simply stated: If you need to reach a public official, there is virtually no person in state government who cannot be quickly reached by a Southern Strategy Group lobbyist. And once reached, our lobbying team has the skill and expertise to forcefully and effectively advocate on your behalf.

wedo-redtapeGovernment is complex, rapidly changing, and for most, a maze of red tape. State government can be a boon or a burden as you look to the future and grapple with issues. To address the challenges and opportunities that state government provides, you need a comprehensive, talented, and aggressive team of lobbyists that can navigate through the maze.

The old ways no longer work. A strategy built around one lobbyist, no matter how talented or well known, rarely succeeds in the ever-changing world of modern government.

wedo-teamTo best serve you and your issues, a team must be composed of seasoned government operatives, each member credible and effective in his or her own right, who can gain ready access to government officials and move opinion at every level in government–from the basement cubicles of each agency all the way up to the highest office in the state.

In evaluating lobbying firms, it is imperative to distinguish between a team and simply a large group of people who work for the same firm. A team communicates, strategizes, and moves in unison toward a common goal. A team is in constant communication with its client. A team is only as strong as its weakest link; each member must have independent credibility and command the respect of the officials he or she lobbies. Each team member must be part of a culture that celebrates effective and ethical representation of its clients. You need a team of lobbyists to advance your goals. Southern Strategy Group is that team.

Our advocacy is grounded in a firm culture that emphasizes vigorous and passionate persuasion. We are not passive. Getting the meeting is important, but our real job starts when the meeting begins. Each of our lobbyists has the natural temperament and professional training to be an aggressive and effective advocate. To maximize our impact, we make the connection between the merits of your argument and the policy direction of the decision-maker. With a little imagination and a lot of effort, we guide the decision-making process to achieve a favorable result.


Southern Strategy Group’s team is composed of highly successful former public officials drawn from the top ranks of government. Our team’s lobbyists understand government for the simple reason that we used to govern and clearly demonstrated our ability to excel in that environment. This government experience provides two enormous benefits for our clients: a thorough and detailed knowledge of public policy and process and authentic and powerful relationships. These advantages often make the critical difference between success and failure in lobbying.