In our lifetime, arguably no trend is as clear or important as the growth of government. In good times government swells with tax revenue and grows new programs and directives. In bad times government spends money in incomprehensibly large amounts to spur the economy. Under any scenario the unwavering constant is that government grows, and with it the complexity and impenetrability of the organization. It sits atop the most powerful nation and the largest economy in the world, seemingly immune to the cares of, and all but unreachable, to lesser organizations.

Any forward-thinking organization realizes that, when confronted with the monolithic power of government, the help of specialists is needed. Southern Strategy Group was formed for this purpose: To give you a one-stop, turnkey solution to your governmental relations needs wherever they may occur; to push through the governmental wall of indifference and make your voice heard, your opinion known, and to alter the motion of the governmental machinery so that it turns for you rather than against you. That is our purpose and one to which we are passionately committed. From local to state government, Southern Strategy Group and its host of affiliated lobbying firms provides you the expert guidance you need to navigate the halls of power.

More than any others, our band of affiliated lobbying firms understands what you want and we have the experience and expertise to deliver it. You want help when you need it, where you need it. You want results—not process. Our multi-state team provides the access, advocacy, and advice  to help you achieve those results.

First, we offer unparalleled access to top decision-makers throughout the United States. The abundance and strength of these relationships makes our team uniquely able to reach key public officials—both elected and appointed—in several states. Our lobbyists were selected from the top ranks of government, in part, because they have excelled in that professional arena. They bring with them relationships cultivated over years of public service. As part of our team, they grow and strengthen these relationships within government. As a result, we can open doors to get your message heard by the right people.

Second, our advocacy is grounded in a firm culture that emphasizes vigorous and passionate persuasion. We are not passive. Getting the meeting is important, but our real job starts when the meeting begins. All of our lobbyists have the natural temperament and professional training to be an aggressive and effective advocate. To maximize our impact, we make the connection between the merits of your argument and the policy direction of the decision maker. With a little imagination and a lot of effort, we guide the decision-making process to achieve a favorable result.

Finally, our lobbyists think strategically. We know that the game is frequently won or lost before the first word is uttered in a high-level meeting. We can help you formulate a plan that meets your short-term needs, while positioning your organization to achieve its long-term goals.