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Randal Johnson

Randal Johnson joined Southern Strategy Group’s Louisiana office after serving as Deputy Commissioner of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry (LDAF) for 14 years and brings applied experience in the legislative process to the SSG team. While at LDAF, Randal initiated and handled the department’s legislative package for more than 20 sessions. Prior to joining the LDAF, Randal supervised multi-jurisdictional drug enforcement units and served as Chief of the Special Investigative Divisions, for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Department. There, Randal drafted and presented legislation on behalf of law enforcement and parochial governments.

Adept at issues and crisis management, Randal supervised the Department of Agriculture’s emergency preparation activities related to animal and plant health and weather-borne disasters. In the aftermath of the devastating 2005 hurricanes, Randal personally supervised the successful acquisition and delivery of fuel for the evacuation, rescue, and recovery efforts across the state.

With political activities ranging across both party and geographical lines, Randal, who holds a B.S. in Business Administration, has consulted and worked in various local, state, and federal campaigns in his native state of Louisiana. Randal has coordinated successful statewide get-out-the-vote efforts for elected offices ranging from Police Juror to President of the United States. In addition, Randal graduated from regional and national law enforcement academies administered by the Department of Justice.