2 N. Jackson Street, Suite 300
Montgomery, AL 36104

Logan Gray

Logan Gray has a unique background for a lobbyist/governmental consultant. For over 35 years, Logan was employed by SouthTrust Corporation, Alabama’s largest bank holding company. During that time, Logan served in various capacities including President/C.E.O. for the Lee County/Macon County market for 13 years and the head of Governmental Affairs from 1990 to 2005. These assignments allowed Logan to fully appreciate what state government can do for and can do to a company.

From 1990 until 2005, Logan also served on the City of Auburn’s (City) City Council. In that position, Logan was an effective member of a forward looking team of elected and appointed official who moved the City forward economically, educationally, and financially without losing the City’s charm and character.

Logan’s first run for office ended in a tie vote. This unusual experience engrained in Logan the importance of each vote during an election.

In 2005, Logan retired from SouthTrust and moved to Montgomery to form Southern Strategy Group’s Alabama office. Since that time, the office has successfully served its clients at the legislative, regulatory, and local levels of Alabama government.  Legislatively, Logan has passed several bills for clients and has been very instrumental in defeating legislation that would be harmful to them.  In the regulatory arena, Logan has successfully represented clients before the Departments of Revenue, Banking, Insurance, Environmental Management, Conservation and Natural Resources, the Governor’s Finance Department, and Accountancy.  Logan has also opened the doors for clients dealing with various city and county governments, making sure that they were in front of the right person who could make or influence a favorable decision.