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Jerry McDaniel

Jerry McDaniel has had the honor and privilege of serving three Governors and three Attorneys General in his 37 years in Florida government. Of particular note, the final seven years, Jerry served as the State Budget Director for Florida’s last two Governors (2007-2014).

As Budget Director, Jerry formulated, presented, and advanced the Governor’s budget and policy agenda through seven legislative sessions. This work necessitated managing and directing of the Governor’s Office of Policy and Budget and close daily interaction with the Governor. The current Florida budget is approximately $82 billion. Successful legislative sessions involved close interaction with legislative members and staff.

During Jerry’s tenure as Budget Director, he was an active participant and member of the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO). During his final three years at NASBO, Jerry was nominated to serve on the Executive Committee and also chair the Health and Human Services committee. This post involved coordinating conference calls with other states, presentations to the association, and general monitoring of state and federal issues that impact state’s budgets.

Finally, a key aspect of Jerry’s duties as Budget Director was to participate with Florida’s Division of Bond Finance and the Governor’s Chief Economist, to apprise national bond ratings agencies on the status throughout the year on Florida’s budget, economy, debt, and pension liability. This interaction was pivotal in Florida being optimally positioned to achieve the highest rating possible and therefore the lowest financing costs for Florida’s roads, infrastructure construction, and land purchases.

Service for all three Attorneys General involved participation on the Executive Management team as Administration Director. General responsibilities involved oversight and management of information technology, finance, budget, procurement, and human resources.