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The Southeast United States, steeped in rich tradition and strong political leanings, has always exerted an out-sized influence on the political history of America. More recently, the influx of people seeking warmer climes and better jobs has boosted the South as an economic power, and the long-range projections for population growth make it an attractive choice for families and businesses.

The politics of the South are complex and subtle. If you can’t tell a Blue Dog Democrat from a Yellow Dog Democrat, and you’re not quite sure how Republicans fit into the mix, then you’re experiencing the political vertigo that even seasoned observers of the political process encounter when dealing with Southern politics.

Southern Strategy Group has offices throughout the South and an extraordinary grasp of its political complexities. With dozens of lobbyists working in this region of the country, Southern Strategy Group affords an unprecedented opportunity for you to wield influence in this vital and growing region.

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