BRADENTON, Fla.  – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that Feld Entertainment Inc., which moved its global headquarters to Ellenton in 2013 from Virginia, will relocate its Motor Sports Division from Illinois to Manatee County. The move is expected to create 200 jobs and a $2.975 million capital investment. Feld Entertainment currently employees more than 400 Floridians.

Governor Scott said, “We are excited to announce that Feld Entertainment is once again expanding in Florida and creating another 200 new job opportunities for Florida families. This great news today follows the company’s recent move of their global headquarters to Florida from Virginia in 2013. We look forward to Feld Entertainment’s continued growth in Florida.”

Feld Entertainment produces well-known, global brands in live family entertainment, including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, Disney On Ice, Disney Live! and Feld Motor Sports. The company’s Ellenton facility includes more than 600,000 square feet of production space and corporate offices.

Casey Rodgers, Feld’s vice president of finance and strategic planning, said, “Although we have a custom-designed facility with room to grow at our Aurora, Illinois facility, teamwork and support from the State of Florida, Manatee County and the Bradenton Area EDC encouraged us to take a harder look at locating the Motor Sports Division with other productions in Ellenton. The business-friendly climate and talented workforce in the Bradenton area make the location attractive for consolidating more of our operations here.”

Florida is home to more than 3,000 headquarters locations. Companies across all industries can benefit from Florida’s huge market, large workforce and tremendous diversity. In addition, its low corporate tax burden, no personal income tax, and modern infrastructure provide a competitive, pro-business climate.

Bill Johnson, president & CEO of Enterprise Florida said, “Florida offers world-class business amenities and an expansive infrastructure, not to mention a diverse and highly-skilled workforce of more than 9.5 million. The state makes a very compelling case for industry leaders like Feld Entertainment to grow here and we’re thrilled to announce their most recent expansion.”

The project was made possible through strong partnerships between Enterprise Florida, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, CareerSource Florida, Bradenton Area EDC and Manatee County.

Executive Director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Jesse Panuccio said, “Florida has become a magnet for business relocations because of our low-tax, pro-growth policies. Feld Entertainment’s continued growth is great news for families in Manatee County.”

As part of the project, CareerSource Florida has offered Feld performance-based grants for employee training through the Quick Response Training program. Quick Response Training grants are structured to be flexible and responsive to the training needs of new or expanding businesses.

Chris Hart IV, CareerSource Florida president and CEO, said, “We love to see businesses that have established a presence in Florida continue to flourish and grow here, helping our families and our state prosper. With Florida’s diverse, talented workforce and training grants to enhance global competitiveness, companies like Feld Entertainment have a bright future in Florida.”

Sharon Hillstrom, president and chief executive officer of the Bradenton Area Economic Development Corp., said, “Feld Entertainment has already exceeded its original job creation commitment two years ahead of schedule. With the addition of the Motor Sports Division, the Bradenton area will benefit further from the company’s growth. As a global brand, Feld’s continued expansion here further validates the Bradenton area’s viability as a location for businesses with international scope.”

Ed Hunzeker, Manatee County administrator, said, “The Manatee County Board of Commissioners recognizes that Feld Entertainment has proven to be a growth engine for excellent jobs in our community. By judiciously applying economic development incentives, the county helps to expedite job creation and capital investment by companies like Feld Entertainment.”

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity