Southern Strategy Group’s Miami client, Florida Girls Scouts, show appreciation for additional funding for Get REAL!

Representing the seven Girl Scout organizations in Florida, Eboni Curry, Get Real! Facilitator, Tionna and Tre’niya, Girl Scouts, Sue Stewart, CEO of Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Rae Dowling, Board Member, and Patricia Ramthun, Director of Corporate Communications, met with State Senator Bill Galvano 9/24/14 to share appreciation for his efforts to help support additional funding for a state wide mentoring program “Get Real!”. Over 1500 girls throughout the state were inspired last year to develop courage, confidence and character for academic and social success.

Tionna and Tre’niya were excited to meet Senator Galvano and expressed to him that participation in the program gave them confidence in public speaking, the ability to meet girls from throughout the state who shared similar interests in state government, and opportunities to think about the importance of their future educational success and careers.

About Get REAL!
Get REAL! is a statewide mentoring program facilitated by all seven Girl Scout councils in Florida and funded by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) since 2004. The goal of the Get REAL! program is to help at-risk middle school girls achieve academic success by connecting them to caring mentors in the community to help reading and writing skills, develop character and relationship skills, and provide opportunities to participate in community service projects and educational trips outside of school.