TALLAHASSEE – A $1 million grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to the town of Miami Lakes will fund a canal stabilization project along approximately 3,000 linear feet of the Golden Glades and Peter’s Pike canals.

The project is intended to minimize erosion of banks, maintain optimal stormwater flow and reduce debris and vegetation entering the C-8 primary canal. This will help eliminate the unwanted nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment, suspended solids and bacteria into a local waterbody that could harm wildlife, obstruct navigation and potentially cause algal blooms.

“It is critical that we maintain safe and effective canal systems in South Florida to protect homeowners’ property, local infrastructure and water quality in nearby waterbodies,” said DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. “DEP is proud to provide funding assistance and to be part of this collaborative project.”

DEP will fund canal modifications and stabilization to address widespread erosion along the north boundary of the town (NW 170th Street) from NW 82nd Avenue to just south of NW 170th Street on NW 77th Court. Erosion in these canals compromises the structural integrity of nearby roadways, private property and Miami-Dade County property.

“I would like to thank Senator Rene Garcia and our State Representatives Manny Diaz, Jr. and Jose Oliva for their dedication to the betterment of our town,” said Miami Lakes Town Manager Alex Rey. “The funding will allow for the necessary improvements to maintain public safety and property values to keep Miami Lakes ‘Growing Beautifully’.”

Work on both sides of the canals should be completed by August 2017 and is part of DEP’s statewide effort to improve water quality and reduce nutrient loads from runoff in canals such as these. Properly maintained canals not only protect physical property, but also help officials manage aquatic ecosystems and water standards.

CONTACT: DEP Press Office, 850-245-2112, DEPNews@dep.state.fl.us