POTTSTOWN, Pa. — CODY Systems, an industry-leading provider of both advanced public safety software and cross-system information sharing and data aggregation/exchange solutions, today announces that it will debut its latest innovations in tactical, real-time data sharing, collection and awareness at its booth #2321 at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Orlando, FL later this week.

Staged for launch at IACP, CODY will unveil its latest iteration of the COBRA.net platform, featuring the updated release of the C.tac cross-system, real-time one-stop tactical search app which now includes cross-system real-time tracking of target entities (people, vehicles, etc.) with text message alerts and enhanced reporting. The COBRA.net platform powers information sharing networks for counties/regions and entire states across a wide range of diverse environments, including the aggregation of hundreds of millions of records and photos across hundreds of data sources and thousands of users.

CODY will also showcase the cutting edge of information-sharing and fusion technology, with the release of COBRA.net’s integration with the rapidly growing Internet of Things. COBRA.net now features full support for handling data from sensors and internet-aware devices along with data from human-entered sources. In keeping with COBRA.net’s Data-Driven Officer-Safety First mission, COBRA.net’s first integration will be on display with the latest in wearable officer protection monitoring technology, OfficerGuardian™ (offered in partnership with Steeplechase Networks).

OfficerGuardian showcases COBRA.net’s new capability with its revolutionary approach to active monitoring of officer safety in real-time with a wearable sensor designed to allow other officers to instantly know when an officer is in distress.

“COBRA.net is now capable of handling data not just entered by humans, but also data created by external sensor systems and devices,” said CODY’s Executive Vice President, Dave Heffner. “From this point forward, the data-sharing possibilities are virtually endless and have unlimited potential for sharing all types of data, including data from camera surveillance systems, security monitors, access control devices, and wearable technology like Officer Guardian. This, alongside COBRA.net’s capability to create real-time data interoperability between any number of disparate systems and databases, including RMS/JMS/CAD and other justice sources, proves CODY’s commitment to continued innovation into 21st century technologies.”

Visit CODY Systems’ new site at www.codysystems.com.

About CODY Systems

Providing data-driven solutions to government, public safety, law enforcement, homeland security and intelligence agencies of all sizes. Solutions include Desktop RMS, Express RMS/CAD and Field Reporting, Cloud / Hosted RMS, investigations, corrections, etc., and the COBRA.net data integration and exchange platform, which provides real-time, cross-system information with single sign-on capabilities.

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