• July 21, 2013
  • News

They are the people who make things happen in Orlando—political leaders, university presidents, community activists, business owners, legal minds, philanthropists. They are movers and shakers, who also possess the power to move and inspire others.

The people on our 10th annual 50 Most Powerful list also have interesting backgrounds. This year you’ll find extended features on six of them and how they got to where they are. We’ve also identified 12 individuals not yet on the list who nonetheless bear watching in the coming year. If there’s anything that should be said about power, it’s this: More often than not, the people who possess it aren’t afraid to take chances, to work for change. As attorney John Morgan, No. 4 on our list, put it: “I don’t walk down the middle of the road. There you only find yellow stripes and dead armadillos.’’

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